November 25, 2007

A Glimmer of Hope!

11 pm News Flash!!!! Some glimmer of hope for the strike! reports:

New York local TV news stations are all reporting that there's "hope on the horizon"...and that horizon could come as early as tomorrow morning. Bruce Cohen (Local One Spokesperson) went live before cameras tonight, saying that both sides are working very hard and very honestly with no outside mediation. Happily, after two weeks, it seems that there may be a glimmer of hope and both sides are absolutely agreed on and share one common goal - and that is to END THE STRIKE. There are reports that both sides have open spreadsheets in front of them and that the union showed up 25 strong. Let's hope that the "number crunching" can put everybody back to work ASAP.

Full story here

Now, lets all cross our fingers and pray to the Theatre Gods that the 2 sides can come to an agreement and bring the lights back to Broadway!!!!!! Come on people, the show must go on!!!!!


Lani said...

Still no deal...talks resume 28 November.

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