November 18, 2007

Postcards from the Czech Republic II

Prague Castle guard. Vaclav Havel asked Amadeus costume designer Theodore Pistek to design their spiffy uniforms.
Kavarna (Cafe) Slavia in Prague, favorite haunt of dissidents and the secret police, including playwright and eventual President Vaclav Havel.

la vie boheme! (this is in Cesky Krumlov, 3 hrs from Prague)
Laterna Magika (black light theater), where Havel and other intellectuals planned the non-violent overthrow of the Communist regime. (Messages of protest were also called black theater.) Funny that in the rare instance that the Communists allowed freedom of expression, the artists used the stage for criticizing the government.
National Museum
Vlatava River. The National Theater is on the far right
National Theater

Divadlo (Theater) Hybernia, currently showing the musical "The Legend of Golem". (Rabbi Low, who created the legend of the Golem, is buried in Prague's Jewish Cemetery.) This is a black light performance, combining music, dance, film and light. Prague is the black light theater capital of the world.

Frank Gehry designed the "Dancing Building" (Rasin Embankment building). This is supposed to be Ginger Rogers wearing a ballgown. We can't see Fred Astaire from this angle.
la vie boheme again! Cannabis tea anyone? My brother in law tried some absinthe. Too bad he couldn't bring some home.
largest stadium in Europe that has hosted rock concerts as well as sporting events. Built by the Communists as you can probably tell from the design.

(thanks to Lynn for some of the photos.)


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