January 25, 2008

Broadway Slang: The Eff-it Point

I just like to point you guys out to this blog by the people behind Best Week Ever (which I love by the way). Best Week Ever is a VH1 show that recaps the weeks pop culture events and adds their very honest and funny commentary about it.

In this week they discuss Broadway.....specifically The Eff-it Point. What is it you may ask.....well to quote the writer, Dan Hopper:

What is the Eff-It Point, you ask? Why, it’s the highly useful term I’ve just invented to refer to the point where a Broadway show that once sustained itself on its story, music, and buzz, finally just says “ahhhh, f*ck it” and starts casting mediocre celebrities in lead roles to bolster their marquee and grab the attention of easily impressed, money-having tourists. Or non-tourists. Pretty much anyone who’s stupid and has money, I guess.

Among those who follow the theatre world, that is what you call Stunt Casting. My favs are the comments about Tony Danza in the Producers and Young Frankenstein LOL! Although regarding his comment about Chicago (which is notorious for stunt casting).....well, he should have listed Melanie Griffith, Kelly Osbourne and Ashley Simpson instead of those guys!!!!! Oy!

Check out the link above!


Lani said...

They have Best Night Ever now too! Monday to Thursday at 11 PM. And if you can't get enough pop culture and how ridiculous it all is, there's The Soup on E!.

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