February 12, 2008


Mike Nichols, Spamalot's director, requested that a lyric be changed in Diva's Lament. Lyricist Eric Idle obliged, saying that they don't want to keep torturing Ms. Spears. The Lady of the Lake once sang:

"I am sick of my career
Always stuck in second gear
Up to here with frustration and with fears
I've no Grammy no rewards
I've no Tony Awards
I'm constantly replaced by Britney Spears
Britney Spears!"

Now she sings:

"My love life is a mess
I've got constant PMS
My career is about as hot as ice
They hate me there backstage
They say I'm too old for my age
They're trying to replace me with Posh Spice
With Posh Spice!!"

Well-done Mr. Idle and Mr. Nichols!


Pinky said...

I saw that too in one of the boards....they decided to give Ms. Spears a break I guess. But the new lyrics are still clever.

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