February 22, 2008

Odds and Ends.....

This is a hodge-podge post as many things are popping up.....

First, the dvd war is over! Finally for those who are waiting for the result of the HD dvd vs. Blu-ray war, Toshiba finally folded. They said that they won't be manufacturing HD dvds anymore giving Sony Blu-ray the win. Remember the VHS-Betamax war before? Anyway, full article can be found here.

Secondly, as a Law and Order junkie I feel I should post this: Detective Green is leaving :( Jesse L. Martin who plays Detective Green in original Law and Order series is leaving after 9 years. I will probably still watch it even though he won't be in it but it won't be the same.

Third, the hilarious Seth Rudetsky is reviving his Broadway 101 show this April 14 at the New World Stages. Lani, Dawn and I saw this last year and we were laughing throughout the show and like is books, the show makes you appreciate other aspects of a musical.....those that are often overlooked.......but integral to the beauty of the art form.......the overture, underscoring, orchestrations and harmonies. If you're in NYC, try to see it. It's such a fun night!

Fourth, the brilliant Jason Robert Brown and Lauren Kennedy are doing a one night only concert of The Last Five Years on March 17 at Birdland. It's a heartbreaking but brilliant show.

Lastly, another Stephen Sondheim show just opened last night at Studio 54. Sunday in the Park with George starring Jenna Russell and Daniel Evans is a revival flown in from London(well, actually just the 2 leads and creative team). Ohhhh...check out who made it to opening night here (well, actually everyone on broadway was there I think ha ha ha!)


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