February 26, 2008

Now, that's good TV

Now Jon's got me thinking about other television shows from our youth. Other Japanese anime and live action shows I used to watch: Daimos, Mazinger Z, Shaider (Annie and Shaider forever!), Voltron, Astroboy, Transformers, Star Rangers, the religious themed Superbook and The Flying House, and of course there was Candy Candy. My classmate Jennifer A. even copied Candy Candy's hairstyle. Honorable mentions: He-Man, She-Ra and ThunderCats(Ho!). Warner Bros. is coming up with a CGI-animated ThunderCats feature film, coming in 2010.

Before Harry Potter, there was Dungeons and Dragons. This show was controversial then ,too for its violent and supposedly occult content. I think it also got pulled from Philippine television. The whole series is available on DVD. One more reason to love the '80s. If I missed anything, I'd love to hear from you guys.


Pinky said...

Daimos and Candy Candy are my favorite! Ate has the vcds of Voltes V....got it for him once when I went home

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