March 15, 2008

All Choked Up

I'm usually a lyric driven's what usually moves me in a show (well, aside from the performance of the actors) there was a question in my last post that I had a hard time answering. It was "what lyric/line in a musical always brings a lump in your throat". I have quite a few it needed another post! I've added clips so you can get the context but these really get me everytime........

without you hand gropes,
the ear hears, the pulse beats
without you, the eyes gaze, the leg walk
the lungs breathes, the mind churns, the heart yearns, the tears dry without you
life goes on but i'm gone cause i die without you
(Without You, RENT)

across the sea, glistening with gold i'll take the wind and soar,
your almost there, you're out the door, its not too late, a few steps more
around the world new worlds await, just flip the latch and through the gate,
go through the gate, the garden gate, my mother's gate.......
another winter, the renter's go home, the maple goes from crimson to brown
oh God my God, another winter in a summer town......
(Around the World Reprise/Another Winter In A Summer Town, Grey Gardens)

give me a day jamie, bring back the lies, hang them back on the wall
maybe i'd see how you could be so certain that we have no chance at all
jamie is over and where do i turn, covered in scars i did nothing to earn
maybe there's somewhere a lesson to learn, but that wouldn't change the fact
that wouldn't speed the time, once the foundation's cracked
and i'm still hurting
(Still Hurting, The Last 5 Years)

maybe tomorrow it comes crashing down
maybe next week i'll find another clown
maybe i try to go a different way
but look who's sitting here today
if i could change, if i could grow
i'd ask for nothing more and through that door i'd go
but if i'm through, why do i stay
maybe he wants me, maybe he needs me, maybe he loves me,
maybe i like it this way
(Maybe I Like It This Way, The Wild Party)

there was a time when you were the person in motion
i was your wife it never occured to want more
you were my sky, my moon and my stars and my ocean
we can never go back to before
we can never go back to before!!!!!!!!
(Back to Before, Ragtime)

i'll be there on the maple trees i'm a summer breeze on a perfect evening
i'll be there when you celebrate when the world seems great
i'll be waiting by your side
anytime, yes anytime
and i am there each morning, i am there each fall
well, pretty much this whole song from William Finn's Elegies. The song is Any Time (I am There).


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