March 6, 2008

Chop Suey

I saw New York Times reporter and author Jennifer 8. Lee last night on The Colbert Report promoting her book, The Fortune Cookie Chronicles. She said there are more Chinese restaurants in the U. S. than McDonald's, Burger King and KFC combined. I believe that. You can find yourself in the smallest town in America or any city in the world, and us rice eaters are always able to satisfy that craving. Thanks to some enterprising Chinese folk. It's also true that American Chinese food is different from the real thing; even Philippine Chinese food is different. (I'd love to hear Pinky's or Jon's take on Chinese cuisine after their recent trips. When Lynn and I were in Singapore, our culinary experiences were less than satisfactory.)

So if you're itching to know why Jews eat Chinese food on Christmas Day, or who the real General Tso was, pick up the book. Impress your co-workers and friends with some trivia next time you get take-out. I for one, would like to know how everytime I place an order, the restaurant always says the food will be ready in 10 minutes. And it is.


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