March 8, 2008

A Good Trip

Last night, I had the great pleasure of watching my niece in an original high school production, Acid in Wonderland. Based on Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, it is a cautionary tale on the use of psychoactive drugs. The playwright, director and star was a Junior, ably supported by a talented and energetic cast. (The tea party scene alone was worth the price of admission---a well-spent $5!) It was hard to believe these were high school students. They all managed to keep me entertained but at the same time, retaining a sense of unease and doom. I was completely transported to Alice's drug-addled brain.
There has been much speculation (though unsubstantiated) that Lewis Carroll had used mind-altering substances. Acid is a creative, intense yet funny re imagining of Alice's fantastical and disqueting misadventures. One hopes that youngsters will hear its strong anti-drug message loud and clear. As the playbill says, "Drugs don't make people cool; People make drugs cool".

They will be performing at the annual Connecticut Drama Association Festival on the 14th and 15th of March at Ellington High School. The CDA is one of the oldest state secondary school theatre organizations in the U.S.


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