March 30, 2008

Guy meets Girl

I bought Once without having watched it in the theater; I just had a feeling about this little movie. And it hasn't disappointed. Heartbroken guitar-playing guy meets Czech girl (who happens to play the piano and sings beautifully) in the streets of Dublin, strike up a friendship, maybe fall in love a little and change each other's lives. It was funny because Lynn and I were talking about working musicians and artists just yesterday. The movie made me think about the lives of street musicians, vendors and all the other random people that we meet everyday.

The movie is a musical, and people breaking out into song can be a tricky proposition. But the music is woven so seamlessly into the story, it's almost unobtrusive. The songs tell the tale, moving the story along. It has a folksy, quiet, indie/documentary-like feel to it, with a little bit of BeforeSunrise thrown in. I waited for a huge twist or drama that would ruin it for me, and it mercifully never came. Our hero (played by Glen Hansard---who kinda reminds me of Adam Pascal and Hugh Laurie) and heroine (Marketa Irglova) are friends in real life who before filming, wrote and performed music together. (They've since fallen in love and have been dating.) They made the right choice casting these two non-actors; the film owes its charm and naturalism to its stars. They also wrote the film score and 'Falling Slowly' won this year's Academy Award for Best Song. (A sincerely thankful Glen encouraged the audience to 'make art'. In an Oscar first, the producers graciously let Marketa give her speech after the orchestra played her out. She was so humble and obviously moved.)

If you're like me who wished they can read, write, play music and sing, this film is for you. It's like a love letter to music, film, and love stories :) Grab your copy of this movie. You'll want to see it more than Once.
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Pinky said...

I really loved the scene at the guitar store! And the fact that you never know their's just "guy" and "girl" :)

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