March 3, 2008

I Heart Noah

Now, doesn't that video make you want to take tap lessons? I did! It's from Never Gonna Dance (which I loved!) a musical version of the Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers movie Swing Time. It starred Noah Racey and Nancy Lemenager.

Noah Racey is currently one of the best dancers on Broadway and has been considered the heir to Fred Astaire's style of dancing. He has also worn a lot of the choreographer of White Christmas and Director/Choreographer of Town Hall's All Singing All Dancing concert last summer in NYC. He currenly plays Bobby Pepper in Curtains where he dances up a storm however, it's unfortunate that he doesn't get to tap in that show because that's where he shines. He is entralling when he dances. So light footed that he makes it seem effortless.

Tonight he's back at Town Hall (which incidentally he is also the resident choreographer of the Broadway By The Year Series) for Broadway Musicals of 1947. I wish I was in NYC.


Pinky said...

PS...Oh he's a really nice guy too when you meet him at the stagedoor

Jon said...


Pinky said...

^^ Ate, I knew you'd say that :) He is indeed! The gwapo factor even increases more when you see him dance.

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