March 15, 2008

It's My Turn......

Lani posted her Questions To Ponder, A meme from Steve On Broadway.....Now I guess it's my turn...

1. First musical I ever saw is A Chorus Line, I was 9 and all I remember is a line on the stage with people standing on it. A very vivid memory though.

2. Musical I would most like to see again is Curtains or Xanadu. But to go back in time to see.....Cabaret with Natasha Richardson and Andrew Lippa's The Wild Party with Julia Murney and Brian D' Arcy James. But for a would be The Real Thing with Stephen Dillane and Jennifer Ehle

3. Musical I never want to see again is Phantom or Cats eecckkk!!!

4. Best performance by a woman in a Broadway musical I've ever seen is Christine Ebersole in Grey Gardens

5. Best performance by a man in a Broadway musical I've ever seen is not from a Broadway show but Off-Broadway....Brian D' Arcy James in Next To Normal

6. One person I wish they never casted as Fantine in Les Mis was Daphne Rubin Vega

7. One person they should have cast as Fantine in Les Mis is Julia Murney or One person they should have cast as Ellen in Miss Saigon is Julia Murney

8. Favorite choreography in a Broadway show a 5,6,7,8.....A Chorus Line if we're talking Broadway show. But I was really impressed with Peter Darling's choreography in Billy Elliot in the West End.

9. Lyric/line that always brings a lump to my throat there are so many I could actually start a new post! But let's just say this for now:
How do I live now
Where would I start
Let man's petty nations tear themselves apart
My land's only border lie around my heart
(fr. finale in Chess Actors' Fund Concert - it gets me everytime!)

10. Stupidest lyric/line: although I love Andrew Lippa's The Wild Party this lyric usually makes me go huh??!! whenever I hear it:
I never knew that I could feel this way
But suddenly there's something I could share
He doesn't want to take me over
He only wants to touch my hair
(Queenie sings it about Black)

11. First musical I had to go back and see is Les Mis (2 times before the original run ended then got dupped since a revival happened only 3 years after). Most seen is actually Wicked......6 times......3 of those 6 times......Julia Murney was Elphaba :)

12. First musical I ever walked out on has not happened yet

13. Most underpraised and overly deserving show in my opinion is Andrew Lippa's The Wild Party

14. Most overly praised and under deserving show in my opinion is Cats!!!!!!! Oh Spring Awakening too....just didn't get it.

15. Showtune I'm most likely to sing while dancing around at home is Raise the Roof or A Wild Wild Party from Andrew Lippa's The Wild Party. I usually do while cleaning my apartment!

16. If I would recast any role in a current Broadway musical with a performer of the past, it would be Angela Lansbury as Wendla (just kidding!) but I think she'd make a great Madame Morrible

17. If I would recast a current actor in a Broadway musical that was before their time it would be the answer of # 7 in Evita or Chess :)

18. The show they should never change a word because it is already perfect is Grey Gardens and West Side Story

19. Show I'd most like to get my hands on and rewrite is Chess.....just the book....well, not for me to re-write but they should just do the book from The Actors Fund Concert in 2003. I think that worked well.

20. Role I was born to play on Broadway is Millie!!!! Just to get a chance to dance Rob Ashford's choreography in Forget About The Boy......but nah! I'll be happy for just a chance to attempt to dance that as an ensemble :)


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