March 5, 2008

Make It Work.....

And they did!

The season finale of Project Runway was broadcasted this evening. Although I don't work in the fashion industry, I have to agree with Tim Gunn that this season's finalists, Jillian Lewis, Rami Kashou and Christian Siriano, were the most talented finalists since Project Runway history 4 years ago. Anyone of them could have won and I would be totally happy with the decision (although I was secretly rooting for Jillian). It was difficult watching it because everytime a designer showed their collection I would go.....Oh Jillian might win......Rami might win....Christian might win. I liked Jillian's collection for its accessibilty, feminine yet very chic style. I was impressed with Rami's woven techniques specially on the corseted gown. Christian I liked for the cohesion and drama of his collection. See it was really difficult. There were no dramas in these last few episodes unlike the previous years and in the end.......the phenom won! Congratulations Christian you are indeed Fierce!

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Jon said...

Christian is indeed talented but he typifies that young bitchy fierce gay guy I see so often at Roscoe. My eyes are eyebrow raising.

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