March 24, 2008

meanwhile back at the Whedonverse...

Awesomeness! Buffy/Angel/Firefly genius creator Joss Whedon finished shooting a 3-part internet musical called Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog. The episodes are ten minutes long. He wrote the musical during the WGA strike. Starring Neil Patrick Harris as super-villain Dr. Horrible, it also features Felicia Day as the cute girl from the laundromat that he's too shy to talk to, and Nathan Fillion (creepy priest Caleb from Buffy's final season) as the superhero who keeps beating him up. Life is beautiful.

Sidebar: NPH's How I Met your Mother co-star Alyson "Lily Aldrin" Hannigan turned 34 today! Happy Birthday! You'll always be Willow to me *sniffles*
Interesting factoid: Willow mentioned in a Buffy episode that she wrote Doogie Howser, M. D. fanfic as a young girl. The circle is complete.

(photo from TVGuide)


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