March 27, 2008

Meg'an-Sho Show

Shoshana "When people see me they will scream" Bean at the Gershwin Theatre stage door 31 July 2005
Megan "Look it's Glinda!" Hilty at Wicked Stage door 31 July 2005
Thanks to Lynn for this tip! Californians will have the pleasure and privilege of watching two amazing singers/actresses this weekend, Broadway's former Elphaba and Glinda, on The Meg'an-Sho Show. Megan Hilty and Shoshana Bean also did the Northwest tour of Wicked. Ms. Bean is vocally my favorite Elphie( Julia Murney acting-wise, Pinky). Ms. Ms. Hilty said in this interview that the one night only Meg'an-Sho Show is like Carol Burnett meets Ellen Degeneres. Some days I wish I lived in the West Coast *sigh*
Megan will soon be seen in the stage version of the popular film 9 to 5. Watch the crazy talented vocal stylings and riffs of Shoshana in Pinky's posts about the R Cruise. Bring on the Bean!


Pinky said...

they were interviewed together on BWW tv i think a week or 2 ago.....and's ok to like Shoshana over the Murney....we all have different Shoshana has an amazing voice.

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