April 3, 2008

Earth Hour

By now, I hope everyone has heard about this. And as Lani posted on her "Unplug" post, Chicago is the US flagship city. Kudos to Mayor Daley! So I bring you some pics from Earth Hour, March 29, 2008 8PM

Chicago skyline - a minute before (Sears Tower on the left with the 2 spires, AON Center is the tall one with a white band in the middle, Hancock Building on the right with a white band):
Earth Hour 2008 - Chicago
8:01 pm The Sears Tower leads the way:
Earth Hour 2008 - Chicago
Followed by the Hancock Center (right of pic):
Earth Hour 2008 - Chicago
Next is the AON Building (middle of pic):
Earth Hour 2008 - Chicago
Earth Hour in full bloom at 8:15 pm:
Earth Hour 2008 - Chicago
The Hancock Building 1 minute before Earth Hour ends:
Earth Hour 2008 - Chicago
The Hancock Building at 9:01 pm with the lights on top back on and the reflection on Lake Michigan:
Earth Hour 2008 - Chicago

My friends and I participated too in our own way unplugging everything at home. I took pics but they turned out to be crappy LOL! The marquees of the theatres that are part of Broadway in Chicago such as Cadillac Palace (The Drowsy Chaperone, well, not until 4/1), Ford Oriental Theatre (WICKED) and La Salle Bank Theatre aka The Shubert (Jersey Boys) were all darkened too! Brava!

Check out this video of the lights turning off in Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Sydney and even Manila!

On a WGN news overheard from the radio the next day, ComEd reports that there was a 5% reduction of energy at the 8 PM hour that Saturday compared to the same time a week before. Imagine what that could do if every city participated? Or if we did that once a week?

(pics from EarthHour.org)


Lani said...

Oh cool, NYC also participated to some extent. Thanks for vid Pinks!

Pinky said...

I heard the lights on the marquee of the NYC Broadway Theatres were also darkened!

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