April 28, 2008

Headed THATAWAY.....again!

So after the back to back Sondheim last Saturday (4/19), I headed back on Sunday (4/20) to see one of my favorite shows last season, Curtains! They had announced that they are closing this June and I wanted to see it one more time before it's run ended. It was this show that made me want to take up dance classes again (and by that I mean Hawaiian when I was 6....LOL!). This time I was with Dawn, Mike and Tom who were seeing it for the first time. I'm happy to say that the show is still as fresh, energetic and enjoyable as I had seen it last year (see previous post here). The whole company still seemed to be enjoying performing on stage together. Bravo to the whole cast!

I did however have a major "slip of doom" moment. As I opened my playbill, the white slip read "role of Bobby Pepper will be played by David Eggers". This role is usually played by Noah Racey. I was looking forward to seeing him dance again and also sign my Never Gonna Dance Playbill that I had with me. But alas he wasn't on that day. Devastated :(
Don't get me wrong though, David Eggers was good and I still did enjoyed the show.

Some stagedoor pics:

David Hyde Pierce as Lt. Frank Cioffi

Erin Davie (formerly of Grey Gardens) played Niki

Amazing Karen Ziemba as Georgia Hendricks

Very funny Debra Monk as Carmen Bernstein

Megan Sikora as Bambi Bernet.....I don't know how she can do all those backbends 8 times a week!

David Eggers as Bobby Pepper that day

and just because he's an amazing dancer, a pic of Noah Racey (Bobby Pepper) taken last June 2007 :)
Addendum (5/7/08): Maybe this is the reason why I didn't get to see him: Broadway Tap Dancers Come to Jordan


Flip Chick said...

I'm a *huge* fan of CURTAINS and I'll be seeing it for the 10th time tonight. Most of the time I go by myself, but this will be my fourth time going with someone. He hasn't seen the show. :)

Pinky said...

^^ Oh I love taking newbies to shows that I enjoy! Specially Curtains where I remember I was grinning the whole length of the show the first time I saw it. It was nice to see my friends faces grinning too that day.

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