April 21, 2008

Hoofing Around

I've been learing a lot about Tap since I took lessons and I am not an expert but to explain the difference....or at least the way I understand it......the clip above (which is from 42nd Street) is an example of "Broadway Tap" coming from the Vaudeville style of dancing. The technique is a more "light" on your feet style as if the dancer is lifted off the ground. Taps come mostly from the shuffle movement of the toes. Among the great tap dancers of this style are Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly. In contrast, the clip below is a sample of "Rhythmn Tap". It has a louder, more grounded sound to the beats. The dancer is also more "grounded" to the floor while dancing and taps come from the heel and stomp actions of the foot. This has a more "improvisational style" and was made famous by dancers like Gregory Hines and Savion Glover. Either way, they're both fun to dance!


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