April 1, 2008

We've grown accustomed to her face

It is so sad that legendary singer/actress Julie Andrews can no longer sing for us after her vocal cords were damaged during throat surgery. At least her incredible body of work will be with us forever. She is also a celebrated childrens' book writer. So for your kids and grandkids, Ms. Andrews will launch the JULIE ANDREWS' COLLECTION OF FAVORITE POEMS, SONGS AND LULLABIES in the fall of 2009. Written with her daughter Emma Walton Hamilton, the anthology will include:
beloved favorites from her childhood, as well as works created by the mother-daughter team themselves. Each themed section of the anthology will include an introduction by Ms. Andrews highlighting the special meanings the songs and poems hold in her life. A bonus CD featuring archival musical recordings as well as new personal narrations by Ms. Andrews will be packaged with this special collection. Subsequent titles in the program will include an additional anthology, as well as the exciting launch of a brand-new picture book character, THE VERY FAIRY PRINCESS, in Spring 2010 about the whimsical adventures and playful nature of one mischievous little girl and her quest to become a fairy princess.

In the meantime, you can pick up a copy of her new autobiography that was released today, Home: A Memoir of my Early Years.


Jon said...

I love Tita Julie. Sound of Music is my all time fave ever...

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