May 31, 2008

Don't Quit Your Night Job

Don't Quit Your Night Job is a comedy improve show conceptualized by Broadway's Sarah Salzberg (Spelling Bee), Steve Rosen (Spamalot), David Rossmer (Titanic, Fiddler) and Dan Lipton (Coast of Utopia). It started 2 years ago at Joe's Pub (infact, they're having their 2 year anniversary next month) and has now moved to a more uptown location at the Zipper Factory. The show is usually done monthly, late at night (around 11:30 pm) mostly after Broadway shows are done and with different performers as the cast.

In the words of the creators, it's where Broadway and improv meet......and make out. They have different sketch segments and one of them is Musical Madlibs. Remember that game? Audience members give words such as noun, pronoun etc when asked and these words replace certain words in a famous Broadway song. One of my favorite Musical Madlib is Sutton Foster singing Gimme Gimme from Thoroughly Modern Millie. Check out her video it's hilarious:

For their latest show last May 29, 2008 they announced that Julia Murney and Brian D'Arcy James were part of their cast. I was hoping they would do Musical Madlibs with Julia singing Raise The Roof from The Wild Party. I mean really now, that song just calls for that. But instead, as part of their Backstage Anecdote sketch they opted to have her do one of her famous voice overs in the video below:

** language warning!

Also on that night's show they started a new segment called I Sing Awesome. It's where they have a performer sing anything and everything......from take out menus, the phonebook and airline emergency cards. Just see what they had Brian D' Arcy James sing that night:

If you'd like to see other videos of the show, Don't Quit Your Night job has their own youtube channel. But if you're in NYC around the time of one of their shows, make sure you check it out. It's sure to be a fun night.


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