May 8, 2008

He Did It........

In my last post about re-visiting Curtains, I had mentioned that Noah Racey wasn't on that day as Bobby Pepper. This may be the reason why (from The Jordan Times):


Under the name of “Zakharef in Motion”, the event, which is being organised for the second year in a row by the Dozan Wa Awtar organisation in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and several embassies in Amman, aims to expose citizens to different types of dances and cultures, according to event organisers.

The New York Tap Ensemble, which was brought directly from Broadway, opened on Wednesday with their “Singin’ and Dancing’” performance tailored specifically for their visit to Jordan, to kick off this year’s event.

“For us, this was the first time performing in the Middle East, so I decided to make it very special and create an original choreography,” dancer Noah Racey explained to the Jordan Times.

Below is a video of the event with the New York Tap Ensemble. I'm glad that dance crosses over bounderies and hopefully will bring better understanding between cultures.


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