May 13, 2008

Nanny Pettigrew

A down and out Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day when under false pretenses, she entrenches herself as social secretary for American club singer/aspiring West End actress Delysia Lafosse. The dowdy governess who can't seem to keep a job gets to be made-over and introduced to 1930s London's social scene. Like a dutiful personal assistant, she helps Delysia (what a screen name) juggle her three boyfriends and figure out what to do with her life . Her encounters with the British upper crust puts her in contact with Lafosse's fashionista friend Edythe (a villainous Shirley Henderson AKA Moaning Myrtle from the Harry Potter films), and the solicitous lingerie designer Joe (played by a dashing Ciaran Hinds). Guinevere Pettigrew (a dignified and wonderful Frances McDormand) manages to meddle in all our characters' lives in the course of one day.

The movie is short, light and breezy. Beautiful art direction and big band music complement the action. The luminous Amy Adams shows us yet again why she's such a great actress. She makes our ambitious and shallow heroine a vulnerable and likable ditz. Despite her questionable morals. She also gets to sing again, this time with Pushing Daisies' handsome Lee Pace, who plays impoverished piano player Michael. Watch this little charmer of a film. The DVD will be released on 19 August 2008.


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