May 30, 2008

One.........Singular Sensation

Yes, today Stage Notes turns 1!

Theatre is ephemeral. It only lives in a particular moment and then gone forever. And so Lani and I started this blog with much trepidation and with the intention to write our experience when we see a show. It's sort of a way to re-live the moment. We thought that our family and friends would read it but somehow it turned into something more. The picture above represents the demographic of the readers of this blog.........who knew we had so many friends and family around the world??!!!! :)

So to those of you who take the time to visit and read our humble blog, we just wanted to say thank you!

~ Lani and Pinky (confessed theatre geeks)

(thanks to Lynn for the photo)


Mike said...

Congratulations to Stage notes! Maybe you can strat taking ads and make some moolah!


Anonymous said...

Mike is right! Good idea!!!!Marie

Anonymous said...

Mike is right! Good idea!!!!Marie

Lani said...

we already do. We have a whopping $20 in our adsense account...woohoo!

Pinky said...

we do!!??? wow!! we use it to buy metrocards!!!

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