June 3, 2008

Legally Blonde: The Search for Elle Woods

Well, I guess there's another "Broadway Reality Show" and this time it's on MTV. The producers of Legally Blonde and MTV launched a search for the next Elle Woods. They showed the first episode tonight and I admit I am only watching this show for one reason: Seth Rudetsky is the vocal coach. Brava! He was totally Seth on tv with his Ah-mahzing comments!

I had 3 major issues during this initial broadcast:
a) Hayley Duff is a triple threat???!!! --> doesn't that mean you can act?!!
b) So Much Better, the Act 1 closer, is the hardest song on Broadway??!! --> clearly, with all the rap/hip hop songs that are shown on MTV their standards are waaaaay low
c) No one among the girls stood out for me specially during the singing part but who knows hopefully with Seth's coaching they get better.

The best thing about this broadcast is that Seth gets to deconstruct the episodes! Watch him being hilarious in this Hot, Pink and Personal video.
(photo fr. MTV.com)


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