June 12, 2008

Love and Art and A Little Bit of Glitter.....

The Finale:

So there it is folks the finale to the Cubby Bernstein saga. One of the best video blogs on Broadway! Loved all the little theatre in-jokes like "You wanna work again, you thank the Shuberts" or "I wish you the Cort Theatre in February" (*see comments) plus of course the cameos of all the Tony winners.

People have been saying that this series and "Cubby Bernstein" is a creation of Xanadu's playwright, Douglas Carter Beane so you gotta love it when the end credits say "written by Evan Wyler" as if to prove everyone wrong. However, Evan Wyler, you see, is a fictional character in another one of Douglas Carter Beane's plays, As Bees in Honey Drown. Now, isn't that pure brilliance??!!!


Pinky said...

** RE: The Cort Theatre

The theatre is off the main Broadway pedestrian traffic which decreases a show's visibility. Also February is the hardest month for Broadway in terms of ticket sales.

So The Cort Theatre in February usually spells disaster for that show AKA...show closure!

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