June 25, 2008

Third Times a Charm!

So last weekend I was back in NYC and caught the Saturday matinee of Curtains. It's my third time seeing the show and I just love it! Actually, I was choosing between that and Xanadu which I also have seen before and enjoyed immensely but Curtains is closing this Sunday so it won out.

Debra Monk was out and we had Patty Goble as Carmen Bernstein. She was good but I just felt that Ms. Monk delivers the comedic punchlines better and sharper. The whole cast was very good and very energetic. I just love watching the dances in this show particularly "Thataway" with Karen Ziemba, Noah Racey; the fantasy number "Tough Act To Follow" with David Hyde Pierce and Erin Davie and Megan Sikora in her Princess Kickapoo number.

So check out some of the pics I took at the stagedoor:

Noah Racey

Oh yeah, after 3 tries I was able to get Noah to sign my Never Gonna Dance playbill. And BTW, I love that show. The first time (June 2007) I forgot to bring it with me, second one (April 2008) he wasn't there, so finally on my third time, he was there and signed it. Yay! I think he was surprised to see me holding it because he said "Oh my look at this!" He was really nice and chatted a bit about tap. I just told him that he makes it look so easy. Oh and the other sig on the playbill is Karen Ziemba.

Megan Sikora

Erin Davie

Michael McCormick

Edward Hibbert


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