July 17, 2008

Emmy Nominations 2008

The 2008 Emmy Nominations came out today. List of nominees can be found here.

Some thoughts about the nominations:

  • I'm glad that they recognized brilliant comedic writing, 2 of which came from cable shows but NO WEEDS?????!!!!!!

  • Yay for 30 Rock and Tina Fey! Oh and Alec Baldwin too! I think Tina is brilliant but should win for a writing award instead of an acting award

  • Elaine Stritch gets my vote for Best Guest Appearance in a comedy series for 30 Rock as Alec Baldwin's mom. She is so funny!

  • A standing O for the brilliant Mary-Louis Parker as Nancy Botwin in Weeds! The episode they submitted Bill Sussman from season 3 is hilarious when Nancy gets involved with gang wars in her Prius! I hope she wins although I must admit Christina Applegate is funny in Samantha Who? Ugly Betty....just lost me this season....enough with the issues with Henry! Not interested in it anymore.

  • Bravo to NPH....Neil Patrick Harris! He's the best part of How I Met Your Mother!

  • I'm also glad that Pushing Daisies got nominations! And that Kristin Chenoweth's Olive Snook was recognized as well as Lee Pace

  • regarding the snubs........well, I'm not a Desperate Housewives fan although I like Felicity Huffman and I don't like Grey's Anatomy so who cares?
(photo fr EOnline.com)


Pinky said...

To Lani....

You gotta start watching the Weeds DVD so we can discuss! :) Common succumb to the addiction!

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