July 19, 2008

Growing More WEEDS!!!!

Showtime has ordered 2 more seasons of Weeds!!! Yay!

At the Television Critics' Association press tour, Jenji Kohan, the creator of Weeds talked about the future plans of the show from this article from Watch with Kristin:

Look Into Nancy's Future: Unless there is a major reversal sometime in season six or so, it seems like Nancy (Mary-Louise Parker) is out of the neighborhood drug business for good. According to Jenji, "She's definitely going bigger picture. She's off the sales floor, as they say."

We might also get more insight into Nancy's family and background in the newly ordered season five and six. Says Jenji, "There was a lot of interest in [the writers' room about] the sister she referenced when she thought Peter was going to kill her. And there's a father floating around; not sure about a mother."

All-New Drug Dealer Boyfriend: Nancy is about to get deeply involved with drug kingpin Esteban (Demian Bichir). Per Jenji, "He is a formidable match for her...I think this is someone possibly she could imagine a real relationship with, which is something she hasn't contemplated since Judah."

Brooks Is Gone: Despite the much-heralded introduction of Albert Brooks' Lenny Botwin, it seems that his exit was quiet—and permanent. When Jenji mentioned, "We knew we were going to lose Albert." I asked if he was returning at all later in the year, and she told me, "Not this season. He's done." Hmmm...

Your Eyes Do Not Deceive You: If you thought there was some Andy-Nancy chemistry in the past couple of eps, you weren't imagining it. Jenji says Andy (Justin Kirk) does have some burgeoning feelings for Nancy, but that for now those feelings are a one-way street. Says Jenji about Andy's Nancy-crush, "I think he would be self-protective, because I don't think his feelings would be reciprocated in that way, [even though] they've entered into this partnership...Although, biblically speaking, you are supposed to take on your dead brother's wife." Biblical mandates aside, "Ultimately I don't think it's going to play out this season, because she has other fish to fry."

Oh my an Andy-Nancy thing!?? I don't know he's such a sleazeball I don't think I want to see that except of course if he matures and steps up to the plate!

From the same forum this article by David Gabber has Jenji Kohan and Mary-Louise Parker dishing about Weeds:

I grabbed my turn at the mike and asked Mary-Louise which one of her co-stars on "Weeds" fueled her own performance.

"Well, I don't get to work with Elizabeth (Perkins) that much, but pretty much everything she does I'm kind of enthralled by.
Whenever I do get to work with her, it's pretty -- she's pretty intoxicating to work with. I find -- I just think she's kind of peerless. Especially in terms of comedy, I think she's kind of extraordinary.

And Justin, the same thing. I work with him probably a little bit more than Elizabeth, so I feel like I have a certain chemistry with him that I really love working with him.

Hunter too. I think Hunter is pretty awesome, and he just gets better all the time. He's a lot younger than some of the rest of us, and I think he's just getting better every day. So I think we've got an amazing cast," shared Parker.

Kohan went on to say that HBO passed on "Weeds," like "Mad Men" which was snapped up by AMC.
Kohan revealed, "Yeah. HBO passed. They didn't want to do a show with kids. That was their reason. I don't know. And so next up was Showtime.
I think their mandate at the time early on was to make some noise, and this was a noisy subject matter. And they jumped in with both feet. It was terrific."

And what about love? Look to Esteban, (Demian Bichir) the kingpin drug lord who Nancy fancies. The possible Andy (Judah's brother) romance is lurking out there too.


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