July 25, 2008

Katie Holmes' Broadway debut is not pre-selling well

Everyone was pretty surprised to hear that Katie Holmes is emerging from her role as Tom Cruise's wife and stepping out with a role in Broadway's All My Sons, premiering on September 18 at the Schoenfeld Theatre. She'll be starring with heavyweights like Dianne Wiest, John Lithgow, and Patrick Wilson, but it sure looks like people are paying more attention to her name than the rest of the cast--and maybe even having some apprehensions about it. Tickets for the show are reportedly not pre-selling well at all; in fact, the total sales so far haven't even reached the $1 million mark. Of course, there's also the startling price tag: the best seats in the house are priced at over $200, and even matinees are said to cost $100. Unreasonable, much?


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