July 27, 2008

[Review of Show]

[title of show] is a musical about "two nobodies in New York" writing a musical for a theatre festival, and follows its progress from off-Broadway to Broadway. It features four chairs, four actors playing themselves, a keyboardist and a book about writing the book. Confused? You won't be. The result is a funny, fresh, original piece. Hunter is the funny guy; Jeff's the 'straight man' in this comedy duo. Susan is smart and sassy who makes "Die Vampire, Die!" soar. Heidi is a powerhouse singer and I particularly enjoyed "A Way Back to Then". "Secondary Characters" was hilarious.
It's an irreverent inside look at what goes into the making of a show, complete with voice cameos from Broadway's divas and leading ladies. It's 90 minutes without intermission. There's lots of obscure theatre references but it didn't detract from my enjoyment of the show. Go see the show and see if it becomes one of your favorite things.
The cast album is available from Sh-k-boom.
Oh and while waiting for Mike, Lynn and I were eating appetizers and had a totally rockin' celebrity sighting: Michael "Ben Linus" Emerson from Lost and his wife!


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