July 14, 2008

Speaking of Mary-Louise.....

I just finished re-reading the script for Proof.......hence this post.

Proof is a David Auburn play about Catherine, a daughter of a known mathematics genius grappling with her gift in math and mental illness. Mary-Louise Parker was perfect for the role of Catherine and won all the acting awards in 2001 including the Best Actress Awards at the Tonys. I love her interviews because she answers very honestly and intelligently. Here's a Charlie Rose interview where she discusses the play and her love for theatre (1st 20 mins.):

In 2005, she was again nominated for her role as Rachel in Craig Lucas' play Reckless (she was again, amazing!). Here's a really good in depth interview of her delving into her more private side discussing her new role as a mom (Oh my gosh....she teared up!)....take note her interview starts at 31:00 min.


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