July 30, 2008

They Took A Chance.....On Him

Well, I did see the movie musical Mamma Mia! 2 Sundays ago actually. How can I not? It's the quintessential jukebox musical. Good disco dancing music from Abba, plus lots of fun and exuberance from the cast. It is what it is......just entertainment and I really did enjoy it. The Greek Island sceneries were amazing.......makes me want to travel there for my next trip. Loved Meryl Streep as the kooky Donna. But Christine Baranski was just hilarious as Tanya. I loved her and Julie Walters as the other Dynamo, Rosie. Ms. Baranski's voice was the most impressive to me as were the harmonies in Super Trouper. Among the guys, well, who would have thought but Mr. Darcy himself......Colin Firth has an amazing voice AND plays the guitar!!!!! It made me fall more in love with him! And very good comic dancing! Bravo Mr. Darcy! Did you see him shimmy his hips during the Megamix at the end? Absolutely hilarious!

If you ask me my favorite songs in the movie.......well, oddly enough, it would be Amanda Seyfried's version of Thank You For The Music.......which can be heard when the credits pull up. And of course, Our Last Summer which Colin Firth sang.

But before I end, let's talk about James Bond. Although, he's a well known actor, watching Pierce Brosnan sing on the big screen just made me cringe a bit. I kinda wished they just got someone who had a better voice and was more comfortable singing. There were enough star power on screen already but I guess the producers and directors did take a chance on him........


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