August 13, 2008

Broadway Goes Green

First it was the green girl Elphaba, then came the Monster in Young Frankenstein. Now Broadway is bracing itself for another green hero.......Shrek! Check out the first pics of Brian D'Arcy James as the ogre himself in Shrek the Musical courtesy of Really cool make-up!


Lisa said...

Hey Tita Pinky,
I forgot to tell you that the other day there was a line down the block outside of my work (in front of the Knitting Factory). I came to find out later that it was open auditions for Spiderman the Musical. Hehe.
xo, lisa

Pinky said...

^^ Oh Yeah Lisa I guess they're pushing through with that one! It's being written by Bono! Imagine that

lisa said...

Bono and Spiderman?

Can just imagine that Harry Potter the musical is next, but which one? :)

Pinky said...

IF there's a Lord of the Rings musical a Harry Potter one can't be far behind Oy!

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