August 7, 2008

Paris in Chicago?

Now this is the first time we've heard about it--and hopefully the last. Rumor has it that Paris Hilton was offered to play Roxie Hart in Chicago, but she declined, saying performing six days a week will really eat into her schedule (of partying, tanning, and shopping, we suppose). We hate to be catty, but it's just appalling to even consider the thought of Paris Hilton as Roxie Hart. Anyway, given that she didn't even seem to have sung any of her songs live, it seems impossible that she'd actually get into musical theatre. Let's cross our fingers that it's all just a rumor!


Pinky said...

With all the stunt casting that show has been doing it should just close! And close it with a good cast to preserve the integrity of the show and as respect to Ann Reinkin and Bebe Neuwirth! Stop with the Stunt casting!

Anonymous said...

please no one wants paris in chicago.!!!! nooo

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