September 23, 2008

All Aboard For The Highlands!

The 39 Steps........

Well, I first saw this on the 2008 Tonys and was very curious about it. I finally got to see it two Saturdays ago (9/13) with Mike and Katrina. I know, I know my review is a bit late. Anyway, if you're an Anglophile like me, then you'll love this play. It's clever and witty and superbly inventive. With a cast of four (two of which also act as stagecrew), plus a few props, the show takes you through a dizzying sequence of events that leave you in stitches!

These four insanely talented people (Arnie Burton, Jennifer Ferrin, Sam Robards and Cameron Folmar) play almost 150 different they don't get them mixed up is a wonder to me! I was really impressed with the staging of this play (Bravo to director Maria Aitken)........just watch the clip above and see how a sparse stage plus just a few props and an actor's commitment to the scene ignites the audience's imagination and takes you far, far's pure brilliance! Definitely a jolly good time at the theatre!

Here are some pics from that night......

the marquee:

the playbill:

a sign on one of the doors in the ladies room.......I wonder where the tunnel leads to?

After the show we walked around the theatre district to kill time since we were meeting Lani and her sisters at the Broadhurst theatre where they saw Equus that night. This was Virgin Records at Time Square.....I just found it odd that the Curtains ad was still up but the show is already closed. Maybe it's to sell more CDs?! But look closely....who's missing from the marquee?

The posters at Shubert Alley:

The Xana-doors:

Well, the show (Equus) wasn't out yet but check out the crowd gathering outside the Broadhurst Theatre:

This was the crowd gathering across the street:

Here, again the crowd for Equus (still before the show even ended).......well, I didn't get pics of Daniel Radcliffe because it was a madhouse at the stagedoor! We didn't even get a glimpse of him really, just people's heads. But still, it was a fun night to be out and about!


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