September 29, 2008

RENT: The Hot Ticket

Last Thursday (9/25) I saw the RENT film with my friends and co-workers. We arrived at the theatre early and got tickets ahead of time because were expecting that there would be a lot of people. Well.......there were only 20 people total when we saw the movie that night. Sad isn't it?

Anyway, the cast was great! I loved Will Chase (as always since Miss Saigon) who played Roger and Tracy Thoms as Joanne. But that's not to say the rest of the cast wasn't good. In fact I thought they were energetic and fit their individual roles. I think this kind of music matches Eden Espinosa's voice really well. I love seeing the answering machine messages again. The support group and Angel's drumming plus the energy and choreography of La Vie Boheme.
My one problem with the movie was the numerous zooms that the director decided he had to have. Although it was nice to get the actors' facial expression it also cut out the other things that were happening on stage specially in La Vie Boheme where you wanted to see the dancing. Also with the zoom in shots, they were too close that when an actor moves or dances, the camera doesn't pull back on time to get a full shot so there were a lot of times that the actor's heads were cut off. I must say though that Contact was filmed very well.
I heard that a dvd of this would be out in Spring of '09 but I'm still contemplating if it's going to go into my collection.


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