September 2, 2008

You offend me, you offend my family

Bruce Lee's sudden death on 20 July 1973 left his dream project Game of Death unfinished with only 12 minutes of footage. Finishing the Game is a silly, hilarious mockumentary of a studio's search for a Bruce Lee body double so they can release the movie.

The film is set in the '70s so there's much political incorrectness, bell bottomed pants, big hair and '70s camera work. The cast of stand-in wannabes include an Indian doctor(Mousa Kraish), a white guy (McCaleb Burnett) who takes up the cause of his oppressed Chinese brothers, blue jumpsuit-wearing-instead-of-yellow movie star Breeze Loo (Roger Fan) who doesn't do his own stunts, Cole Kim (Sung Kang) a mellow Southern boy with girlfriend/manager troubles, and Troy Poon (Dustin Nguyen), a formerly successful TV star turned vacuum salesman reduced to playing Chinese food delivery boys on sitcoms.

The film is mostly satirical and makes a light-hearted statement on stereotypes and how Asian-Americans are treated in Hollywood. Watch out for cameos from James Franco, MC Hammer, porn superstar Ron Jeremy, and even a voice over from George Takei.

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