November 23, 2008

Bond Goin' Rogue

I was never a fan of the James Bond franchise, but Daniel Craig made me a believer. Like LOTR The Two Towers, Quantum of Solace assumes you had seen the first film (Casino Royale) and drops you right in the middle of the action. Broken-hearted Bond is out for revenge, takes no prisoners and unapologetically kicks villain butt, giving M (Dame Judi Dench) much stiff-upper-lippy distress at the office. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly's Mathieu Amalric is his nemesis, supposedly eco-conscious-but-actually-ruthless-and-oily businessman Dominic Greene, a member of shady organization Quantum. Bond is helped along the way by Olga Kurylenko's Camille, also driven by revenge. And mind you, no love scenes! Is this progress for all Bond girls?

I'm not sure Mr. Bond found his quantum of solace by the end of the film. The plot twists had me confused at times, and it didn't have as much grit and heart as Casino Royale. Director Marc Forster seems to have learned a thing or two from the Bourne franchise with the jerky camera work and fast-paced editing. There's even a rooftop chase like in the last Bourne film, although this time it was in Siena, Italy. But the best part of this new generation of Bond films has got to be Mr. Craig. My 15 year old niece had taken to calling Edward Cullen of the Twilight book series "Sexy Beast". I say Daniel Craig is THE sexy beast.


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