November 13, 2008

Break A Leg!

Tonight is opening night for Billy Elliot The Musical on Broadway. We don't know who among the boys will be Billy (although the buzz is it's going to be we'll see) but break a leg!

So check out the video above. It's an interview from the Today Show with Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford last Oct. 20. The boys talk about auditions, learning the Geordie accent and pirouettes. Incidentally, there is a Caduet commercial included in the video which has Greg Jbara who in turns plays Billy's dad. What are the chances??!!

Edit (11/14): Opening night pictures of the curtain call can be seen here while red carpet pics are here. From the red carpet scenes, it looks like a British invasion! Natasha Richardson's sons got their good looks from mom and dad!


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