November 29, 2008

Good Thing Going

It was indeed a good thing going to the concert of Julia Murney last Monday (Nov. 24) at Joe's Pub. It was part of the Joe's pub series from Ghostlight Records. And as in her previous concerts, the night (although quite late) turned out to be exhilarating. I've always enjoyed seeing her in this setting because it showcases the versatility of her rich full voice. She can sing any genre from rock to country to musical comedy and then suddenly kill you with a Sondheim medley. Speaking of medleys, she has this uncanny ability to hear 2 songs and join them together. It's amazing and musically very astute and effective. Aside from Sondheim's Good Thing Going and Not A Day Goes By she also meshed Dust in the Wind and Blackbird. It's one of my favorites of the night. The other one was Gravity by Sara Bareilles . She also brought out singer/songwriter Katie Thompson who played the piano for Do You (another highlight of the night) and You're Welcome - Song for the Other Woman (luckily I was able to get a peek at the music sheet to get the title!). Equally as impressing was the band who sounded great and for her back-up singer she had MAC awardee Scott Coulter (I've always loved his voice)! Imagine that!

It was a great night with a great set list, a revved up audience and always amusing banter between songs!

The set list included:

Girl on a Nervous Breakdown
Misery and Happiness
Right Hand Man
With Every Breath I Take (fr City of Angels)
Dust in the Wind/Blackbird
A Musical Apology
Good Thing Going/Not A Day Goes By (Sondheim Medley)
Do You
You're Welcome - Song for the Other Woman
Something More
Rainbow Sleeves

Here are some photos from the night:

Joe's Pub on Lafayette Street

we got good seats this time!

MAC awardee Scott Coulter (oops blurry!) as her back-up singer!


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