November 24, 2008

Love Sucks

Despite my reservations about the book, I went and saw the Twilight movie anyway. It's a pretty faithful adaptation of the book, with screenplay writer Melissa Rosenberg *bless her heart* toning down some of the cheesiness. (I was half-dreading/half-anticipating the moment when Edward Cullen asks Bella Swan if he dazzles her. The moment mercifully never came.) I might even go so far as to say I like the movie better than the book. You're almost near the end of the book before anything exciting really happens (other than the sexual tension between our teenage heroine and her 107 year old undead boyfriend.) At least in the movie, things move at a faster clip.

Robert Pattinson's Edward managed to make me smile a few times. He went from all broody all the time in the first act to actually happy in the second half of the film. (Seeing him climb trees with Kristen Stewart on his back almost made me laugh out loud though---what happened to vampiric cool? Aren't they supposed to be graceful and dignified?) But at least we get gorgeous views of the lush and green Pacific Northwest And instead of quidditch, the funky-haired Cullens play baseball during a thunderstorm. Kristen Stewart was a revelation in Into the Wild. Here she's all about teenage angst. She's all intense, deep-breathy ( no, that's not a word) and trembly. Her Bella doesn't have as much attitude as the book Bella.

If you're a tweener or a teen, then this movie is exactly your brand of heroin. Otherwise, you'll probably end up thinking like I did: they moved Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince to next July for this?


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