January 22, 2009

Does This Young Lady Know The Master?

Does the painting on the left look familiar? It's from the BBC/A&E production of Pride and Prejudice (which we here at Stage-Notes affectionately call P & P). Remember the scene when Elizabeth Bennet played by the wonderful Jennifer Ehle came to Pemberly with her Aunt and Uncle? The caretaker toured them around the great house and they came to this painting of Mr. Darcy (played by the handsome Colin Firth). Mrs. Gardner then asks Lizzie if the painting resembles the the original. To which the caretaker asks Ms. Bennet "Does this young lady know the master?" Well, the said painting fetched 12,000 pounds at Bonhams in London. It was a prop commissioned for the BBC series. The painting was accompanied by this note by Colin Firth "Mr. Darcy has weathered better than most of us". Full story here.

(Photo from www.thefirstpost.co.uk)


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