January 30, 2009


This past Wednesday's episode of Lost (entitled "Jughead") opens with Desmond running frantically through a seaside town, and I distinctly hear two girls speaking Tagalog. Desmond is screaming for an Efren Salonga, and eventually finds him playing dice. Desmond asks if he's the doctor. Dr. Salonga goes with Des to the boat and we find a pregnant Penny in the midst of labor. Dr. Efren safely delivers a baby boy they name Charlie. (Awww...I hope it's a tribute to Dominic Monaghan's beloved character Charlie and not Penny's nefarious dad Charles Widmore.)

So does this make Charlie Widmore Hume a Filipino citizen? Maybe Penny and Desmond will retire in a Philippine island.

(Thanks to this blog and this one for the photos!)


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