February 22, 2009

Big Ten

Today is the tenth anniversary of my first Stage Door experience. My sister Cecile and I watched Cabaret on 22 February 1999 and decided to lurk around the stage door of Studio 54 afterwards. Jennifer Jason Leigh was our Sally Bowles.
Ron Rifkin was still Herr Schultz.
Alan Cumming was still the Master of Ceremonies.
Lea Salonga had returned before Miss Saigon closed so we managed to get a glimpse of her at the Broadway Theatre stagedoor. Mommy Joy (Ligaya) was rushing, telling the crazy Filipino crowd that it was freezing cold and she didn't want Lea to get sick. (I just realized it's Lea's birthday so maybe that's why.)

Here's to many more decades of Stage Dooring! Happy Anniversary to ME!


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