February 4, 2009

Duncan Sheik's gone and done it now

Thanks to Dana Saltzman from Sony/BMG, I got hold of Tony and Grammy Award-winning Duncan Sheik's latest album Whisper House. The album was written for a theatrical piece that will premiere in a Delaware regional production sometime this year.

First of all, I love the drawings in the CD booklet. According to Broadwayworld, the beautifully haunting artwork is by Swedish illustrator Klaus Lyngeled. I've always loved Mr. Sheik's voice, ever since Barely Breathing. The CD also features the lovely vocals of Holly Brook, who reminds me of Marketa Irglova and Vanessa Carlton's voices.

The plot centers around a boy sent to live with his lonely spinster aunt in a New England lighthouse. The grief-stricken child begins to hear ghostly voices singing to him at night. I can almost imagine the staging as I listened to the songs. The music is pop-rocky yet typical Duncan Sheik-esque melancholy. Moody, introspective and even eerie at times. The main themes are sadness, unfulfilled love, prejudice and bigotry. I think I like this better than Spring Awakening...there I said it! (I wonder if my love for lighthouses has anything to do with it.) If you want to see Mr. Sheik perform live, starting this month, he is touring with original SA cast member Lauren Pritchard. Click here for the schedule.


David Stock said...

No words can describe how delightful this album is. 5 stars for Whisper House. Hi 5 for Duncan Sheik.

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