February 23, 2009

Musicals Are Back!

Last night I'm sure a lot of people were tuned in to watch the Academy Awards. I was one of them. Well, actually I had a group of friends over and to celebrate, we had chicken curry in honor of Slumdog Millionaire. I knew that there would be singing and dancing once they announced that Hugh Jackman was going to host the show. It was to our pleasant surprise watching last night that it seemed like the Tonys invaded the Oscars. Yes.....it was really good to see a Tony winner entertain Hollywood and the millions of viewers at home. I'm sure a lot of viewers were surprised that Wolverine had moves and a voice like that. Hugh Jackman commanded the stage with impressive stage presence much like his Boy from Oz persona. It was great seeing Broadway style dances and songs as the production number as Mr. Jackman declares that Musicals are back! To a theatre geek it was exhilarating.

The way they had previous actors who won present the awards was also very touching. I'm sure specially for the nominees. I did like that part although it contributed to a long broadcast. I was surprised at Penelope Cruz' win just because everyone was saying that Viola Davis would win. The Ledger family accepting Heath Ledger's Oscar was very poignant. I jumped up when Kate Winslet won and loved her mention of practicing her speech when she was 8 in front of a mirror with a shampoo. I thought that Micky Rourke was going to win but was glad that Sean Penn did because his Harvey Milk was really nuanced. The best speech of the night for me was from Dustin Lance Black the screenwriter of Milk who had a message to young gay and lesbian kids........"you are beautiful, wonderful creatures who have value" (you can listen to the speech here). Lastly, yay to Danny Boyle and the cast of Slumdog Millionaire for being the little movie that could! So until next year........see you at the Tonys.....ooops.....Oscars!


Lani said...

Loved the Tina Fey-Steve Martin, James Franco-Seth Rogen bits, and the musical numbers! Great speeches by Sean Penn and Dustin Lance Black. Hugh is the Man! He sings, dances, acts.

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