March 5, 2009

The Best *&$^%$@& News Show on TV

Team Jon Stewart '09 (Mike, Cecile, her husband and me) stood in line outside The Daily Show with Jon Stewart studio yesterday from 3:30 pm to 5:20 pm. You were allowed bathroom breaks while in line, but once inside, you couldn't leave your seats. No eating, drinking, photograph-taking and obviously any recording of any type, no yelling out. After going through security, we were escorted inside. Beautiful studio but smaller than what it looks like on television. We had great seats, right in the center. It was my first television show taping viewing experience and I had a blast!

Comedian Paul Mecurio did about a half hour audience warm-up before 6 PM (which some audience members used as some form of therapy session. What's wrong with you Pot Lady?!). Mr. Stewart then came out and took a few questions from the audience before the taping started around 630 pm. The host was mic'd but at times it was hard to hear him. Of course we were making a lot of noise as well, applauding, laughing, cheering him on (there were microphones above our heads too). I love how Jon asks such thoughtful, intelligent questions while managing to keep things light and humorous. He is so quick-witted, smart and funny. He seems a bit shy at times, but I've heard that about a lot of comedians. During the Q & A, he said he doesn't do any research but I'm sure he was just being self-deprecating. He always knows what he's talking about. Before the show started and during commercial breaks, the music was blaring. I suppose to keep the audience's energy level elevated. After the taping of last night's episode, he filmed a short bit for the global edition, thanked us all for coming and exited the stage. We were cold, hungry but in great spirits.

Downside? No photos/autographs/hugs or kisses allowed (which I understand because otherwise Mr. Stewart will never get to leave the place), no correspondents during the episode (I would have loved to see John Oliver, Wyatt Cenac, etc.) and of course the frigid temperatures while waiting outside. All in all a terrific experience though. Even better: FREE!

You can get tickets from Comedy Central.


Jon said...

how nice, i luv jon stewart. he is so enlightened.

Pinky said...

I wished the panned through the audience but it was a good show

Lani said...

Daily Show never shows the audience. Colbert does it for a fleeting moment. I love Stewart/Colbert!

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