March 19, 2009

Broadway Mourns

Broadway will dim it's lights tonight in honor of a much loved actress, Natasha Richardson. Details can be found here.

(photo above from

Edit (10:30pm) - A poster, SINGTOPHER from BWW relayed this touching scene at 8pm tonight at Shubert Alley:

"My friend and I went down to Times Sq. to se the lights dimmed so one, we could pay our respects, and two so we could experience such a time honored tradition.

We planted ourselves firmly in the middle of 45th st since there are so many theaters there. We moved about 5 till 8 to Shubert alley to get a nicer view. In front of us was a crowd of folks, who I realized where crying, and hugging each other. I quickly realized that Joe Mantello and Allison Janey were in the crowd, so I figured it was the 9 TO 5 cast. Then, as I tried to see who else from the cast was there, I realized among the crowd was Laura Linney, and Joley Richardson. We weren't too far away from the crowd so my friend and I decided to back away a bit since these people were very close to Natasha, and we didn't want to disturb them. At that point I saw Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick, Vanessa Redgrave, and Liam Neeson. The lights went out, and the group hung on tight to each other. They shouted her name (is this part of the tradition?), and applauded when the lights went back on. Once the lights went on the camera crews swarmed in to get good footage of everyone (which I found quite distasteful).

All in all it was a wonderfully moving experience heightend by the company I happened to stumble upon. I really enjoy this tradition. Its a great way for the Broadway community and public to commemorate what someone has given to them. I also really enjoy the symbolism of dimming the marquees: take time to remember, and then life ultimately has to go on."

Edit (3/21 1:02 am): Here's another moving account of the tribute from


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