March 9, 2009


Yesterday, Cecile and I went to see Will Ferrell's 90 minute Broadway show You're Welcome America. He has resurrected his George W. Bush impersonation, telling his version of the former president's life story as a fond farewell to W. It is enjoyable, hilarious, and totally in bad taste. I didn't go in looking for high-brow stuff (it is Will Ferrell after all) so if you just want to laugh...Lord knows we need laughter during these times...this is the show for you.

Mr. Ferrell is joined by Patrick Ferrell as the Secret Service guy (who kept us entertained during Will's quick changes), Michael Delaney as Dr. Scott Blumeth, Adam Mucci as the pilot and Pia Glenn as Condoleeza Rice. Miss Glenn stole the show with her brief but memorable appearance. If you want to see more of her work as Condi, check out Fun with War Crimes.

The show ends its tenacious and awesome run this week on 15 March 2009. If you have HBO, it will be shown on 14 March 2009.


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