April 2, 2009

And In The End.....

I have long since thought that this show has jumped the shark particularly when Dr. Carter (Noah Wylie's character) left. But the past few weeks I found myself tuning in again to see how it ends. This last season of ER has been really poignant with the writers of the show being able to weave back the main charaters from seasons past. It was great to see Mark Greene (Anthony Edwards), Doug Ross (George Clooney), Nurse Hathaway (Juliana Marguiles), Susan Lewis (Sherry Stringfield), Dr. Benton ( Eric La Salle), Elizabeth Courday (Alex Kingston), Carrie Weaver (Laura Innes) and Dr. Carter again. Characters who have been part of my Thursday nights.

And now with tonight's last episode, it was nice to have some things come full circle......Mark Greene's daughter, Rachel is applying to med school; John Carter opening The Carter Center, a state of the art medical facility. I still remember the pilot episode where it was John Carter's first day as an intern. And now in the show's very last episode it was befitting that his charater shows Rachel around the ER. True to the show's adrenaline pumping character, the last few minutes of the episode ends with a turmoil of multiple traumas arriving to the ER with Dr. Carter joining in to help as Rachel watches the flurry. A good ending to a much loved show.

Oh wait......broadway celeberity sighting......Beth Leavel as the mother of the girl with alcoholic poisoning.

(photo from NBC.com)


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